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Bruce’s Cookbook


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‘I only cook the kind of food I want to eat. Honest food, plain and simple. This is my cookbook.’

The long awaited cookbook from Michelin-starred chef and owner of the award-winning Chez Bruce.

Bruce Poole is widely acknowledged to be one of Britain’s best chefs. Praise for his timeless, honest cooking has garnered countless column inches and the respect of the most discerning critics. His Michelin-starred London restaurant Chez Bruce has achieved many awards and accolades including, for the last six years, London’s Favourite Restaurant in the Harden’s Restaurant Guide.

But, what speaks louder than stars (in Bruce’s book anyway) is that his food is emphatically and wholeheartedly loved not only by his loyal patrons who come time and time again to eat at his table, but also those who make Chez Bruce a destination. Bruce’s down to earth, honest and creative cooking features classic dishes without ego or chefy gimmicks, because it’s all about food you actually want to eat.

It is no wonder that a cookbook from Bruce Poole has been so eagerly anticipated. In these pages you will find charming anecdotes and stories from the restaurants and, of course, the recipes Bruce wants you to cook at home. Spend time with them, love and enjoy them – this is truly the best food you can cook in your kitchen.

Bruce’s Cookbook is a gift, read it, cook from it, treasure it.

Recipes Include:
- Slow roast shoulder of lamb with harissa, spiced pilaf rice and yoghurt
- Boeuf Bourgignon with parsnip purée
- Ceviche of salmon with crème fraîche and coriander
- Potato gnocchi with butter, wilted sage and parmesan
- Chocolate Soufflé
- Champagne and elderflower jelly with strawberries