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Cowgirl Cuisine


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“One of the most entertaining Texas cookbooks I’ve seen in a long time.”  — Patricia Sharpe, Texas Monthly

Four years ago, food writer Paula Disbrowe left her urbane life as a food writer in New York City to become the chef on a ranch in Texas Hill Country. Armed with boots, a cowboy hat, a pick-up, and a horse, she began to redefine her life and the cuisine she served on the range. Part cookbook, part adventure tale, Cowgirl Cuisine tells the story of her transition in and out of the kitchen. Melding the author’s passion for fresh, simple Mediterranean fare with the local ingredients and cooking traditions of South Central Texas, it offers food that is fresh, filling, and easy to prepare. From hearty ranch breakfasts, to big-hearted salads, to belt-busting burgers, and killer watermelon margaritas, the recipes are full of Disbrowe’s signature zest, spunk, and spice.

Throughout, she introduces us to the unforgettable characters (both two- and four-legged) who populate this wild, beautiful land and shares her outrageous ranch escapades (a showdown with wild pigs, runaway donkeys, and one very macho cowboy). As deliciously filling for the mind as it is for stomach, Cowgirl Cuisine reminds us the joys of living life to the fullest.