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Lunch Buddies: Stunt Sandwich Superstar


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In this sequel to Lunch Buddies: Battle in the Backyard, Marco and Sandwich return with more mealtime madness as they try to find ways to pass the time on a rainy afternoon. Perfect for fans of Pizza and Taco and Pea, Bee, and Jay, bestselling author-illustrator Daniel Wiseman is sure to leave readers hankering for more.

Ever since Marco's sandwich began talking, the two have been inseparable. Their shared love for jokes, pranks on Marco's sister, and special sauce are a recipe for best friends.

After defeating a pair of break-dancing squirrels in the backyard, Sandwich and Marco are ready for more shenanigans. But when a rainy day foils their plans, they’re at their wits' end. That is, until lightning strikes and Marco devises the best plan ever

Death-defying jumps and high-flying acrobatics abound in this rip-roaring new graphic novel. Introducing Stunt Sandwich Superstar!