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Ultimate Grayling Fly Box


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Ultimate Grayling Fly Box

This limited-edition box of 12 flies prepares any angler to explore the waters that Arctic Grayling spend their lives in. This unique fish can be found in most northern river habitats. Arctic Grayling can be both allusive or easily fished dependent on location. This box includes a variety of flies to foster success for the more challenging Arctic Grayling.

Patterns included are: Para Wulff- Adams #16, BH Woolly Bugger - White #8, Thunder Creek Streamer #10, BH Leech Brown-Olive, Royal Wulff #14, BH Prince Nymph #12, Blue Winged Olive #16, Griffiths Gnat #18, Hi-Vis Foam Beetle #12, Super Chernobyl - Purple #6, Hair Mouse, Scrambled Eggs 

Fly sets evolve with experience, exposure to new patterns and materials, and personal successes. Listening to the suggestions of fly shops and anglers that fish your destination as their home water pays off. This collection can be the beginning of your own unique box.